Twist-Bend Nematics and Beyond

7-8 April 2016

University of Southampton

The topics to be covered in this Workshop include:

  • The design and creation of molecules to form the Nematic Twist-Bend phase;
  • The identification of the twist-bend nematic phase;
  • The defining properties and order parameters of the phase;
  • Molecular and macroscopic theories for the existence of the Nematic Twist-Bend phase;
  • Interpretation of experimental results obtained for the phase with a range of techniques;
  • Electric and magnetic field effects and potential applications;
  • Related modulated phases.

In addition the Workshop aims to introduce the Nematic Twist-Bend phase and its intriguing behaviour to those not already in the field.

Invited speakersInvited


Submissions: The submission deadline is now passed, but we still have a few poster slots available.  See the “Submissions” page for more information.

Registration: Registration for speakers is now closed, but if you would like to attend the workshop you can register until 17th March 2016.   We particularly wish to encourage students to attend the workshop.   Please the “Registration” page for more information.

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We gratefully acknowledge the support of the British Liquid Crystal Society, Merck and the Taylor and Francis Group.